The EU allocated another 1.5 billion euros to support Ukraine


Today, the European Commission allocated the sixth tranche in the amount of 1.5 billion euros as part of the package of macro-financial assistance (MFD) “Plus” for Ukraine for a total amount of up to 18 billion euros. With this instrument, the EU aims to help Ukraine meet its urgent financing needs by providing stable, predictable and significant financial support in 2023. After today’s payment, Ukraine has received 10.5 billion euros this year under the MFD “Plus”.

This support will help Ukraine continue to pay salaries and pensions, as well as support the operation of essential public services such as hospitals, schools and housing for displaced persons. It will also allow Ukraine to provide macroeconomic stability and rebuild critical infrastructure destroyed by Russia during its war of aggression, such as energy infrastructure, water systems, transportation networks, roads and bridges.

Today’s tranche was granted after the Commission recognized that Ukraine continues to make satisfactory progress in implementing agreed policy conditions and complies with reporting requirements aimed at ensuring transparent and efficient use of funds. This conclusion also unlocks the disbursement of the next two tranches of EUR 1.5 billion each in August and September this year. Ukraine has made significant progress in strengthening financial stability, strengthening the rule of law, improving the gas system, encouraging energy efficiency, and improving the business climate.

In general, since the beginning of the war, the support of Ukraine and Ukrainians from the EU amounted to 76 billion euros. This includes financial, humanitarian, emergency budgetary and military support to Ukraine from the EU, Member States and European Financial Institutions, as well as resources provided to assist Member States in meeting the needs of Ukrainians fleeing the war.