There will be a Koseuts-Yampil bridge!


Today, the Parliament of Moldova voted in the final reading for the ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the construction of a cross-border road bridge over the Dniester River on the Moldovan-Ukrainian state border in the area of the settlements of Koseut – Yampil, signed in Kyiv on June 12, 2023.

The construction of the border road bridge will connect the road infrastructure between the two states on the T-02-02 Mogilev-Podilskyi-Yampil-Kryzhopil-Bershad-Uman highway (UA) and the national road R14.1 R14 – Koseut – border with Ukraine (MD). In addition, the road network through the eastern part of the Republic of Moldova will be connected to the trans-European road network TEN-T, which will facilitate trade in domestic and international markets.

The Government of Ukraine will provide financing for the technical project of the bridge, including its construction and the corresponding infrastructure on its territory, and the Government of the Republic of Moldova will provide the construction of the corresponding road infrastructure on the territory of Moldova.

The bridge will be more than 1,400 meters long, with two traffic lanes and two pedestrian sidewalks on both sides. The construction is planned to be commissioned in 2025.
Thus, thanks to the construction of this bridge, a transport corridor will be created, which will significantly reduce travel time through the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe, significantly ease the traffic of the Mogilev-Podilskyi-Otach checkpoint, including significantly improving logistics between the countries.
We will remind you that preparatory work for the construction of the bridge began in August 2021.