A good start requires effective development

A good start requires effective development

Head of Regional Council Sergiy Tatusiak made ​​a working visit to the Republic of Moldova. In the town of Soroca on the 19-20th of March a meeting of the Council of the Euroregion "Dniester" was held. "Vinnychchyna" newspaper showed interest in the results of the visit.

- The visit was very successful and productive - said S. Tatusiak. - Vice-Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Victor Sau acquainted our delegation with economical activity of Soroca district, local non-governmental organizations, as well as projects implemented with the help of international funds. In short, there are things we should learn from our neighbors.

- According to words of Sergiy Tatusiak, the Euroregion "Dniester" provides the possibility to combine efforts of the Moldovan side and Vinnytsia region to attract investments for implementation of both - regional and common programs. It is significant that Moldovan colleagues were actively involved in the elaborations. Therefore, the representative of the Regional Council noted that it is important for an effective start which the Euroregion have already taken to have a logical development and to continue to cooperate in the same effective way.

- For this we need to involve non-governmental organizations, various local and international funds - said S. Tatusiak. - After all, to get grants, European institutions need to see our effective work on local place to make sure that we really want to make changes. I informed the members of the Council on what was created in the region. In particular, we applied to the embassies of the EU countries in the Ukraine and vice versa. As the Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" I also called for cooperation all the diplomatic missions of the EU countries in Moldova. The interesting thing is that we have already received letters from two regions of Transnistria (Ribnita and Camenca districts) where they express willingness to join the Euroregion "Dniester", - the Head.

- For Vinnytsia region to collaborate with members of the Euroregion means to realize projects in different areas - enlightening activities, environmental issues, health and education reform, cooperation with international foundations, NGOs and charity organizations. It will give an opportunity to attract some resources to solve regional problems, and in future – even to apply for infrastructure projects involving construction of roads, bridges, housing and communal services reforming.

Yuriy Chornyi
«Vinnychchyna» newspaper