Euroregion "Dniester" is a body of cross-border cooperation and association of local government administrative-territorial units of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. It consists of Vinnytsia region represented by Vinnytsia Regional Council and the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and 7 districts of the Republic of Moldova represented by district councils of Soroca, Ocnita, Donduseni, Floresti, Soldanesti, Rezina and Dubossary.

The main purpose of the creation and activity of the Euroregion "Dniester" is the implementation of programs for harmonized and complex development, of territories adjacent to the river Dniester..

To achieve the goal Euroregion "Dniester" works within its competence on the implementation of these tasks:

  • organization, coordination and relations’ development in the sphere of economy, science, education, culture, tourism, sport;
  • implementation of joint projects concerning environmental protection, ecological improvement of Dniester river basin;
  • implementation of joint cross-border projects;
  • implementation of regional projects;
  • establishing contacts with relevant international organizations, foundations, institutions, agencies and other organizations in order to attract funds of EU and other financial institutions.

Euroregion "Dniester" is actively working in the field of inter-regional and cross-border cooperation. In particular, due to the activities of the Euroregion were signed and implemented more than 40 agreements between the territorial units of Vinnytsia region and districts of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Within the framework of the agreements are being held mutual visits of official delegations, during which are solved issues of strengthening inter-regional, international and cross-border cooperation, expansion of markets for enterprises of neighboring countries, the exchange of artistic delegation, rehabilitation of children  etc.. In addition, joint project proposals for grant funds are developing.

During 2014 Euroregion "Dniester" paid much attention to the coordination and deepening of relations in the sphere of economy.

On March 20 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova was held a conference organized by the Information Centre for local authorities "Possibilities of small grants to local authorities in Moldova".

The conference was attended by Minister of Regional Development and Construction Marcel Raducan, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Moldova,  Artur Michalski, director of the Euroregion "Bug" Galina Grabarchuk. Director of the Coordination Center of Euroregion "Dniester" Volodymyr Merezhko presented the economic potential of the districts of the Republic of Moldova, which are part of the Euroregion "Dniester".

On April 11-13 an exhibition AGROTREVEL 2014 was held in Kielce, Poland. Delegation of Euroregion "Dniester" including: Director of the Coordination Center V. Merezhko, member of the Council of Euroregion A. Gavrylov, Head of the Donduşeni District A.Pavlov, Deputy Head of the Soroca District  B. Ivas, Deputy Head of the Ocnita District A. Bumacov and deputy director of economic department of Rezina District P. Drutsa also took part in the event.

During the visit the delegation members were able to see the agro-tourism potential of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, to visit a number of local communities, to meet experts on agro-tourism and local governments, as well as to share their experiences in these fields with the Polish colleagues. One of the results of the visit is the signing of a cooperation agreement between Staszów County (Poland) and Donduşeni District (Republic of Moldova). This agreement was the first step in establishing an effective bilateral cooperation between territorial communities of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship and Republic of Moldova.

On April 24 Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak and Director of the Coordination Center of the Euroregion "Dniester" Volodymyr Merezhko visited Ocniţa District of Moldova and met with its leadership. The main purpose of the working visit to Ocniţa District was to familiarize with the new infrastructure facilities of district and studying best practices in attracting EU funds at the local level in Moldova.

In particular, the Ukrainian delegation has visited treatment facilities in Otaci. Quality of treatment systems are up to 92%. Facilities operate smoothly and without interruption. Emphasis during the familiarization with the work of treatment facilities was a matter of study and further implementation of experience in solving problems concerning wastewater. Leadership of Ocniţa District offered Vinnytsia region wastewater treatment of Mohyliv-Podilskyi due to large capacity of treatment facilities of the Moldavian side and the poor condition of Mohyliv-Podilskyi equipment. At the moment, the issue is under consideration of Vinnytsia Regional Council.

On May 19 Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak met with Deputy Head of the Euroregion, Head of the Soroca district, Republic of Moldova, Viktor Sau during a visit to Soroca District. During the visit S. Tatusiak was briefed on the progress of work on the restoration of Soroca Fortress, as well as the reconstruction of the adjacent territory. Work are funded under program "Romania-Ukraine-Moldova", the reconstruction of the fortress in Soroca was allocated 1.5 million EUR and the completion of the project is scheduled in 2014.On the same day Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak, Deputy Head of the Euroregion, Head of the Soroca district, Republic of Moldova, Viktor Sau and director of the Coordination Center Volodymyr Merezhko visits Floresti district. Head of Floresti District Stefan Paniş eagerly accepted guests and presented the main enterprises and facilities of district. Delegation of Euroregion "Dniester" expressed deep gratitude to the Head of the district Stefan Paniş for quality familiarization visits to Floresti region. According to the head of district, this format of cross-border cooperation is very important for them, because it gives an opportunity to find new links for cooperation. One of the points of the agreements was the preparation for the agreements signing between the villages of Floresti District, Republic of Moldova, and Bar district of Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

On May 20 Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak and Director of the Coordination Center of the Euroregion "Dniester" Volodymyr Merezhko conducted a first working visit to Dobasari District, Republic of Moldova. During the meeting, the Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak and Head of Dubasari District Grigore Policinschi had the opportunity to discuss further cooperation between the regions. In particular, the parties settled on the implementation of joint projects in the field of youth and artistic groups exchanges, as well as writing joint grant projects.

May 20-21, 2014 in Rezina with the assistance of the Euroregion "Dniester", was held the first international economic forum "Development through economic and inter-agency cooperation." Vinnytsia region was represented by entrepreneurs and public figures.

During the visit, the entrepreneurs discussed the prospects of cooperation and bilateral relations between the Vinnytsia region and the Republic of Moldova in order to implement joint projects. In particular, it could be promising areas of cooperation in the field of agriculture, processing, textiles, furniture manufacturing.

On June 25 Euroregion "Dniester" co-organized the II-nd Economic Transborder Forum of Euroregion "Siret - Prut - Nistru" in Balti, Moldova. The forum was presented more than 400 companies of Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Italy.

The main purpose of the forum was to promote interaction between the various categories of target audiences interested in cross-border cooperation, including intensification of cross-border economic relations with the EU. After the official opening, the forum participants got acquainted with the activities of the leading enterprises of Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Italy, Germany, and get the presentation materials while visiting the exhibition stands.

In order to discuss the theme "The relationship of European Regions: Regional Perspectives" and to attract European grant funds, 17-19 September 2014., in the framework of field workshop of the Commission for territorial cohesion (COTER) Committee of the Regions of the European Union, Delegation of Euroregion "Dniester" and Vinnytsia region visited Iasi (Romania). Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak, Deputy Head of the Euroregion, Head of the Soroca district Viktor Sau, Head of Dubasari District Grigore Policinschi, Head of Soldanesti District Alexandru Relitchi took part in the event.

Participants included experts from different EU countries. They discussed the issues of establishing the relationship of depressive regions of the European Union with the central regions, the use of financial instruments that give the opportunity to implement large-scale transport infrastructure projects in the context of regional development.

The seminar program also included a visit of the participants in Iasi International Airport, which is now the largest investment project of Iasi County, namely 60 million Euros from the European Union. Leadership of utility company "Vinnitsaoblvodokanal" visited a similar partnership enterprise Iasi in order to establish contacts and achievements of joint projects in the field of water purification.

On August 27Head of the Euroregion "Dniester" Sergiy Tatusiak took part in celebrations dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova. He visited Soroca and Şoldăneşti Districts and congratulated residents with a big national holiday, recalling that Euroregion "Dniester" was created in order to strengthen the Ukrainian-Moldovan relations. And today it's is working on improving the lives of the inhabitants of both banks of the Dniester. During the visit S.Tatusiak met with the leaders of the districts and discussed an issue of joint implementation of grant projects and further action plan in order to deepen bilateral cooperation.

On September 7 in Soroca was conducted an annual traditional festival - Festival of the apple which already has a national status. The event was attended by more than 50 economic agents of different regions of Moldova, as well as guests from Romania and Vinnytsia region. During the event, entrepreneurs from Vinnytsia region had the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies of apple growing and storage.


On September 16 Head of the Vinnytsia Regional Council Sergiy Svyko held a working meeting with Deputy Head of the Euroregion, Head of the Soroca district Viktor Sau. During the meeting they discussed issues of cooperation between Soroca district and areas of Vinnitsa region in the economic and cultural spheres. They also discussed a joint project on building a bridge "Yampil-Cosauti".

In order to enhance cooperation between entrepreneurs of Vinnytsia region, Romania and Republic of Moldova on September 19, with the assistance of the Euroregion "Dniester" was organized a visit to the annual National Agricultural Exhibition in Iasi, where were presented new types of agricultural machinery, new cultures, ways of growing and processing.

On September 19-20 2014 within the framework of the Euroregion "Dniester", was held a training seminar on "The role of regional and municipal media during information war" in v.Busha, Yampil district of Vinnytsia region. The seminar attended journalists from Vinnytsia region and Soroca district, Republic of Moldova. The training covered the following topics: "Countering the propaganda information", "Modern media and government relations", "Support of journalistic ethics" and "Work during the 2014 parliamentary elections."

On September 26 Chisinau hosted an international conference on "Promoting confidence-building measures and sectoral cooperation on the two banks of the Dniester River." The event was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions of Moldova, Hungary and Ukraine, the Office for Reintegration of Moldova, civil society experts, representatives of UNDP, OSCE, the EU Delegation to Moldova, leading experts from civil society, representatives of public organizations of Moldova and Transnistria.

The conference was organized in the framework of the EU technical assistance in order to facilitate settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, implementing by organization Ecorys and the Swedish Institute of Public Administration with the support of the EU Delegation to Moldova. The program was launched in March 2013 in order to improve the institutional and coordination abilities of Moldovan institutions dealing with the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict to raise awareness of this problem occurring among the country's political leaders and the general public; and promote dialogue with civil society on the two banks of the Dniester.

The conference aims to summarize the activities of the program implemented in the Transnistrian region, as well as to identify new opportunities for the development of practical cooperation between the two banks of the Dniester, including in the field of economy and trade. During the conference, S. Tatusiak met with the Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova Pirkka Tapiola, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Moldova S. Pirozhkov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to the Republic of Moldova M. Szilagyi, and representatives of the European institutions, which discussed the grant activities, fundraising and directions of further cooperation. Also at the event were held meetings with representatives of the Transnistrian region, which positively evaluated the work of the Euroregion and are willing to cooperate  

With the assistance of the Euroregion "Dniester" delegation of the Vinnytsia Regional Children's Hospital visited the city of Iasi, Romania from October 30 to November 1. During the visit, the delegation held working meetings with the leadership of Iasi County and guidance of the Iasi County Medical University, where they discussed issues of cooperation in the scientific and medical fields. During the meetings, there were reached agreements on further cooperation in practical experience exchange, training, opportunities to improve material and technical base of the Vinnytsia Regional Children's Hospital through charitable aid of Romania and the EU grant funds. The official agreements will be signed by the parties after the processing of legal issues.

In order to implement joint projects in the social and medical fields from 9 to 12 November delegation from Iasi County visited Vinnytsia Region. The purpose of the visit was deepening of cooperation between Vinnitsa region and Iasi county of Romania in the field of social security of citizens. As part of the visit, the Romanian colleagues acquainted with the work of local governments, public institutions of social, historical and cultural sphere of Vinnytsia region.

In particular, guests were interested in Vinnitsa regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children and young people with functional limitations "Obriy", Strizhavka orphanage for children with mental disabilities, sanatorium "Khmilnyk" and a number of institutions of Kalinyvka and Khmilnyk districts, that are engaged in the social protection of area residents.

During the 2014 Euroregion "Dniester" actively supported the development of cultural potential popularizing Ukrainian traditions and art in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, and vice versa. Evidence of productive cooperation between territorial communities of Vinnytsia region and districts of the Republic of Moldova is the participation in various activities of cultural areas.

In particular, on June 22 under the patronage of the Euroregion "Dniester" in v.Busha Yampil district, was held a traditional festival of folk art and poetry - III International literary and art festival "Dniester Mermaid", which was founded at the initiative of Vinnytsia Regional Writers' Union and became a unity symbol of the Ukrainian and Moldovan nations around the preservation of national traditional values, culture and spirituality, poetic word and deepening relationships between the two countries.Solemn events within the festival were held June 20-22 in Yampil, Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Tomashpil districts of Vinnytsia region and in Rezina and Şoldăneşti Districts of Moldova.

Within the framework of Euroregion "Dniester" 4-6 July 2014 delegation from Sharhorod district and art collective of the district House of Culture participated in the International Festival of Music and Dance "In the shade of an oak", which was held in v.Kobili, Şoldăneşti District of Moldova.

In addition, on July 9-10 delegation from Kryzhopil district and three dance bands - "Socvetiye", "Molodichki" and "Kryazh" - took part in the fifth folklore festival "Dniester, on your shore", which was held in v.Koshnitsa, Dubasari district.

On September 21, 2014 within the framework of the Euroregion "Dniester" in the village of Naslavcea, Ocniţa District of Moldova, was held the district ethnic festival "Unity through diversity", which was also attended by representatives of Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi regions. The festival was opened by Head of the Ocniţa District Ion Tomai and Director of the Coordination Centre of the Euroregion "Dniester" Volodymyr Merezhko. The best performers and winners were children's groups from Ocniţa district, and as a token of gratitude received from the Director of of the Coordination Centre of the Euroregion "Dniester" Volodymyr Merezhko the invitation on a trip to city of Vinnytsia. 

On September 26 Euroregion "Dniester" in the city Mohyliv-Podilskyi co-organized festival of poetry "From Yesenin to Marchuk," bringing together writers from all over Ukraine and presentation of the book N. Marchuk, "Burning red viburnum...".

On October 4 children from Ocniţa District of Moldova have visited Vinnytsia. This guided tour was the grand prize for the winners of the children district ethnic festival "Unity through diversity", which was held in Naslavcea, Ocniţa District on September 21. Trip involved children from dance groups "Inspiration" and "Impulse", as well as students from Ocnita School of Arts.

On November 14 within the framework of the Euroregion "Dniester" activity Vinnytsia Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater was holding a concert tour. Performance "Shelmenko-denschik" caused great interest among the Moldavian audience. As a consequence, there is agreement on such tours in all districts of the Euroregion "Dniester".

II International Competition for Young Artists “Podilsky Vodohrai” was held in the period from 5 to 7 of December in Vinnytsia under the patronage of the Euroregion “Dniester”. The competition was attended by students of art educational institutions from all over Ukraine. Competition jury evaluated the participants in the nominations “Piano”, “String instruments” “Wind and percussion instruments” and “Guitar”. The winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts.

Euroregion "Dniester" also focuses on the development of sport and health promotion, so from 6 to 8 June 2014 in Kolo, Poland, was hosted the International tournament on mini-football for juniors "Mini Euro Kolo 2014". Euroregion "Dniester" was presented by pupils of sports schools from Soroca and Donduseni districts (born in 1998-2001). The tournament was also attended by six teams from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. The tournament was highly appreciated by the organizers and participants.

On 22-26 of September in Soroca, Republic of Moldova was held an international basketball tournament for girls born in 2001-2002 The competition was attended by 7 teams from Moldova districts which are a part of the Euroregion "Dniester", and the team of Vinnytsia region.

Quite active are grant activities of the Euroregion "Dniester" with international foundations and non-governmental organizations.

In particular, the Euroregion "Dniester" along with three communities of Vinnytsia region, namely the villages Kommunarivka, Druzhelyubivka (Kalinyvka district) and Vivsyaniki (Kozyatyn district) become winners of micro grants "Recycled draw-well - strong society". Winners have restored or built a draw-well in their village with the support of the Charity Fund "Strengthening Communities" and the Foundation "Monstanto".

With the support of the Euroregion "Dniester" the village Kotyuzhany, Murovanokurylivetsky district, won a competition "Library - Society: an open space" with the financial support of the "Monsanto" and the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Library Association".

Also, with the participation of the Euroregion "Dniester", in the period from June 29 to July 3, was held grant project jointly with Ukrainian-Polish-Slovak fund "Brotherhood." Under the project, was held a study visit of students of music school "Parasolka" to Krynica Zdroj (Poland), during which the children had profile direction practical training and shared artistic experience with Polish peers.

Due to the Euroregion "Dniester" from 1 to 7 July 2014 Poland was visited by delegation of teachers of Vinnytsia region. Teachers of secondary schools of the region got acquainted with the history of the Holocaust at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Illinois Holocaust Museum as well as took part in the 9th Summer School "Teaching about the Holocaust".

From 14 to 22 July 2014 with the assistance of the IPO Euroregion "Dniester" in partnership with the Ukrainian-Polish-Slovak fund "Brotherhood" and Center "Colors of Ukraine", was implemented a project of international children's plein air "Europe through the eyes of children" in Krynica Zdroj (Poland ). The open air was attended by more than 20 talented young artists from Vinnitsa children and youth organization "Center" Colors of Ukraine "and the Cultural Center of Krynica Zdroj.

During the event, children had the opportunity not only to get acquainted with Polish culture, but also to reflect it in their creative work. Under the project children could also get healthier, because there are several sources of mineral waters in Krynica.

During the October 2014 - February 2015, the project "Development of the economic potential of the Euroregion "Dniester" is implementing. The project is supported by the program "Support for confidence-building measures", financed by the European Union and co-financed by UN Development Programme (UNDP).

Under this project on 13-14 November, was held an International conference "Development of the economic potential of the Euroregion "Dniester” in Soldanesti, Republic of Moldova. Conference brought more than 90 representatives of business, local authorities and NGOs from Vinnytsia region, Republic of Moldova, and the Transnistrian region.

As a result of active work of entrepreneurs and professional moderators were identified problems and developed ways of solving them which were presented in the form of proposals to the central and local authorities.

Also due to the program "Support to confidence-building measures" in the period from 8 to December 14, the delegation of the Euroregion "Dniester" composed of 25 people visited the Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, the Republic of Poland. The delegation included representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, governments, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and the Chamber of Commerce. 

Within the framework of 7-day study tour delegation familiarized with the work of the Department of International Relations, Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism, Regional Policy and Innovation of Marshal Office of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship. Participants were presented with the main strategic documents of Marshal Office and projects implemented by the European Union funds. There was also held an introduction with the development strategy of the commune through innovative methods and technologies, as well as with existing infrastructure projects, such as the establishment and operation of various business clusters.

Euroregion "Dniester" in partnership with Tomashpil District Council launched the project 'The capacity development of the cooperative to protect the legal and economic interests of private farms, as well as expanding the range of dairy products to meet the needs of the social sphere of Tomashpil district". The project is funded by the European Union in framework of the Programme "Support to regional development policy in Ukraine".