Eleonora Graur: «I wish to increase the number of projects implemented in partnership with the residents of the left bank of the Dniester»

Rezina district - one of the most beautiful districts of Moldova - located on the picturesque banks of the Dniester. Here, in the village Tipova cave monastery is located, founded in the VI century B.C. Here Stephen the Great was crowned with his wife Maria Vochita. Saharna village is famous because of its cave monastery of XIII century and the current monastery of the Holy Trinity. In addition, a significant area of agro-industrial potential that can be developed within the Euroregion «Dniester».

- Ukraine and Moldova are cooperating for already two years in the format of the Euroregion «Dniester». How did this cooperation affect Rezina district?

- Foundation of the Euroregion «Dniester» and joining Rezina region to this structure had a positive result. First, there are real opportunities to expand partnerships between residents of Rezina district and Vinnytsia region. This fact is confirmed by various joint activities. For example, in summer of 2012, a group of children from our area went to a summer camp in Ukraine, and from other side we invited a group of Ukrainian children to spend their vacation in Saharna camp. The younger generation has learned more about life, traditions, customs and cultural values of our people.

We should also note the literary and art festival «Dniester Mermaid», which was attended by art groups from our area, namely brass band «Plai Nistrean». Musicians from Rezina returned from Ukraine with new impressions and new friendly relations concluded during the festival, with pleasant memories of the kindness and hospitality of the Ukrainians in their souls, with real intent for new meetings.

It is through these activities, our people get closer together spiritually and culturally, establishing strong literary and cultural ties...

It is necessary to mention presented books which were brought in June this year by 4 poets headed by the Secretary of the National Committee of Writers of Ukraine, Mr. Sergiy Pantyuk. These books have enriched the book fund of the public library in Ciniseuti village - multinational village, where many Ukrainians reside. Updating library with Ukrainian literature is very welcomed by villagers.

All of the above is far from the exhausting list of benefits derived from the creation of the Euroregion «Dniester» and joining our district to this structure. We look forward for strengthening our relationship in the future and increase good results from joint ventures.

- You are heading Rezina district for already three years. What have you accomplished during this time?

- I was born in Rezina district, where I grew up and studied. I strive for my district to be spoken about only in positive context at the national and international level, as a thriving administrative-territorial division.

As a result of long and hard work, we almost managed to complete the repair of national roads along the route Orhei-Rezina, launched in 2007. I don't think there's the door, which I didn't knock at and did not discuss the solution to this problem. With great tenacity we achieved this goal, which became one of the national priorities. We hope that the end of this year will bring us a completion of work on this road as a gift.

With the support of the Minister of Economy and ODIMM, in Rezina was established Business Incubator where 19 companies were allocated, including production-oriented. These businesses create at least 60 new jobs.

We succeed finding funding to cover the main street, and soon we will begin lighting secondary roads. Road lighting is used by many villages in the area lately. This and other projects we have been able to carry through the work of the department of planning and investment aid, which was created with a consultation, taking into account that it is necessary for the further development of the district.

At the moment, we are the area with the highest number of projects funded by the Found of Energy-Efficient Investments.

Road to the Saharna monastery was also renovated, which is visited by thousands of pilgrims Moldova and abroad. Before that people were getting there with great difficulties.

Through the provision of finance by the Road Fund, currently renovation works in dozens of rural roads of the district are undergoing and provide residents with access to social and cultural facilities in rural areas.

We also appreciate the upbringing of the young generation in the spirit of beauty, strive to create a good environment for the Music and Art schools for children. A year ago we managed to change over the music school from the emergency building into the beautifully renovated classrooms in the district House of Culture.

 Now the district Public Library named after "Mihai Eminescu" is being repaired - cultural and educational center for the present and future citizens of our country.

We work and strive to do good for the communities: our goal is the welfare and comfort of our people. Working as the head of the district, I daily encounter many problems, and people expect me to solve them. I can not afford to disappoint them. That is why often I have to work in unsociable hours and on weekends.

- On May 20, 2014 in the city of Rezina the International economic forum «Development through economic and institutional cooperation» was held. Foreign guests and Vinnytsia entrepreneurs appreciated the level of its holding. How do you assess its results?

- The purpose of our forum was to promote the image of the district to attract investors and raising its authority for national and international investment in the development of the district.

I am glad that at the International economic forum I met many Moldovan participants and participants from abroad who are interested in our district. They are ready to help us make some progress. I want to note the business interests of the Ukrainian delegation, which visited a number of our businesses, met with their leaders and even shaped ways of future cooperation.

True success for this Forum was the presence of a delegation from the Republic of Poland - we even signed the Agreement on Partnership between Elblag County and Rezina district. Our partnership will show its effectiveness in the nearest future. It makes me confident that the Forum achieved its goal - our cooperation turns into a successful partnership, strengthened with time. And his ultimate goal is to improve the situation in the whole country, and in our district in particular.

- Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union was signed on May 27, 2014. What are the prospects, on your opinion, opened for Rezina district?

- Moldova, including Rezina district, has important resources that could be better used in accordance with the Agreement on Association - exceptional tourism potential, the possibility of environmentally friendly products, the strategic position of Russian and European Union countries energy transit.

However, we have many difficulties to face. For example, the adoption of measures to address the problems associated with the standardization of products, so that our products would have access to the European market. And this is a market with 500 million consumers. Customs duties will be abolished - the main obstacle to our exports to the EU market. Thus, to increase exports of agricultural raw materials, food, foreign investment inflow, as our labor is cheaper, and some European manufacturers will expand their business in Moldova, salary should grow ... Consumers, employees, people from socially vulnerable categories will be much better protected - we are waiting for a decent European life.

- What projects can you offer for the implementation within the Euroregion «Dniester»?

- In Saharna we have a summer recreation camp for children, built in Soviet times. I really want to make this area ennobled by investment from the European Union. We could turn it into a tourist destination with a double advantage - for visitors and for the district budget. Places around are fantastic, but we still have to do a lot to offer quality services for tourists.

Taking into account that we are neighbors with Ribnita district, I dream to increase the number of projects implemented in partnership with the residents of the left bank of the Dniester. Such activities will enhance the trust between residents of the two shores separated for more than two decades and will make the reunification of the country more realistic.