About Euroregion “Dniester”

The Structure of the Council of the Euroregion “Dniester”

Statute of the Euroregion "Dniester"

Regulation of organization and activities of the Council and Coordination Center of the Euroregion "Dniester"

General information

Territory – 34 218 km 2

Population – 2 050 thousand people.

The Euroregion “Dniester” consists of:

  • from Ukraine:
    • Vinnytsia region;
  • from the Republic of Moldova:
    • Donduşeni district
    • Dubasari district
    • Ocniţa district
    • Rezina district
    • Soroca district
    • Floreşti district
    • Şoldăneşti district

Under the Charter of the Euroregion "Dniester":

Euroregion "Dniester" is created as a body of cross-border cooperation, as an association of local administrative-territorial units of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. It is not an alternative to local governments, it is not created as a form of new administration, does not act against the interests of the national states, does not act as a superior legal entity.

The main purpose of the creation and activity of the Euroregion "Dniester" is the implementation of programs for harmonized and complex development, of territories adjacent to the river Dniester.

The Parties will cooperate, within their competence, to implement the following objectives:

  • organization, coordination and developing relations in the sphere of economy, science, education, culture, tourism, sport;
  • implementation of joint projects concerning environmental protection, ecological improvement of Dniester river basin;
  • realization of common cross-border investment projects;
  • implementation of regional projects (programs) for reducing unemployment among the population of border areas by increasing the economic potential;
  • organization of contacts with international organizations, funds, institutes, agencies and other organizations.


The Structure of the Council of the Euroregion “Dniester”


The Structure of the Council of the Euroregion “Dniester” from Ukrainian Part:

  • Sergiy Tatusiak

    Serhii Tatusiak

    Head of Euroregion “Dniester”

  • Serhii Svytko

    Council member of Euroregion "Dniester"

  • Andrii Gyzhko

    First deputy head of Vinnytsia regional state administration

  • Igor Krevskyi

    Ihor Krevskyi

    Council member of Euroregion "Dniester"

  • Petro Brovko

    Mogyliv-Podilskyi city mayor

  • Oleksiy Gavrylov

    Oleksiy Gavrylov

    Council member of Euroregion "Dniester"

  • Mykhailo Kameniuk

    Head of Vinnytsia regional organisation National Writers’ Union of Ukraine

  • Volodymyr Grabko

    Volodymyr Grabko

    Rector of Vinnytsia National Technical Universiry

The Structure of the Council of the Euroregion “Dniester” from Moldavian Part:

  • Мыцу Михайл

    Mihai Mytsu

    Head of Soroca district

  • Романюк Василе

    Vasyle Romaniuk

    Head of Ocnita district

  • Кирияк Виктор

    Victor Chiriac

    Head of Donduseni district

  • Stefan Panis

    Head of Floresti district

  • Ротунду Светлана

    Svetlana Rotundu

    Head of Soldanesti district

  • Eleonora Graur

    Eleonora Graur

    Head of Rezina district

  • Grigore Policinschi

    Grigore Policinschi

    Head of Dubasari district

  • Sandor Koles

    Sandor Koles

    the international expert, senior adviser of ICDT and ISD, Richard von Weizsacker Fellow at the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany)

Honorary Council members of Euroregion "Dniester":

  • Victor Sau

  • Томай Ион

    Ion Tomai

  • Павлов Анастасий

    Anastasie Pavlov

  • Alexandru Relitchi